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Ness Creekers - We Need Your Help!

The forest in the Nesslin Lake area is slated for logging as early as September 2020. If this goes ahead, on your majestic drive to Nesslin Lake you will have a clear view of the destruction. But we’re not just worried about your view: clearcutting will have a devastating impact on the tourism, traditional and recreational land-use, and the untapped economic potential of this area for decades.

If you are as concerned as we are, we ask that you print off this petition (or multiple copies) and gather as many signatures as you can.  (Please note that the format of the petition must remain as is in order for it to be tabled in the legislature - only three signatures per petition is needed.).

These petitions will be presented in the legislature once they get back into session so please get the signed copies into the Ness Creek office when you can (address is on the petition).

We hope to use this petition to put pressure on the Government to rethink their plan for the proposed logging. In order to present a petition to the Government, we must have a minimum of 3 Saskatchewan residents per page. Signatures can be on the back side of the same page, but they cannot be submitted if they are a separate page. If you know of people from outside Saskatchewan who wish to sign it, that is great - the more names the better, but each petition must have at least 3 Saskatchewan residents in addition to any other names and be in paper format in order for it to be considered by the Government. Our deadline for collecting these in order to have them presented is June 5th. We need this deadline in order to have the time to get the completed petition forms to the MLA in time to present them on our behalf.


Thanks for you help – our goal is 5000 signatures and we will keep you updated on our progress!





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Ness Creek Music festival Wins the Saskatchewan Tourism 2017 Marquee Event of the Year Award!

April 13, 2018


Saskatchewan Tourism Awards of Excellence
The Saskatchewan Tourism Awards of Excellence acknowledge exceptional contributions to the province’s tourism sector. These industry awards honour people, places, businesses, organizations and events that go above and beyond to provide great experiences and service. 
The 29th annual Saskatchewan Tourism Awards of Excellence Gala was celebrated at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Regina on April 12, 2018 in conjunction with the 2018 HOST Saskatchewan Conference.
Download Saskatchewan Tourism's official PDF press releases to read more about all of the final award recipients and the initial nominees to learn more about the event.


Congratulations to all of the other winners and nominiees!






New Policy on Parking for R.V.s and Campers

February 1st, 2016


If you came to Ness 2015 (aka WetNess), you probably saw a few camper vans and RV's get stuck. After last year's jams and the damage caused by too many large camper units we will be offering limited access to camper units over 20' in length at Ness 2016. To be able to bring one in, you will need to purchase a separate Camper Unit Pass. Limited passes will be available online for $50, so be sure to get yours early!


This ticket must be used in conjunction with a weekend pass and the holder of the pass must be on the Ness Creek site by 9pm on Friday during the festival, or else they forgo their reserved spot and will not be able to bring their over 20' camper unit on site.


If you have any questions about this new policy, feel free to send us an email!

Photo Credit: Nathan Jones