As a Ness Creek Festival volunteer, you are part of a big and wonderful team that works together to create an amazing Saskatchewan event!


We use the following guidelines in an effort to make your experience a positive one.



  • To be identified as a volunteer and to be treated as a co-worker;
  • To be properly informed about the Ness Creek Cultural & Recreational Society, its policies, programs, services, & procedures;
  • To feel comfortable with tasks assigned to you and to apply for a change or promotion in volunteer positions;
  • To know what is expected of you and to take part in planning;
  • To be recognized for your contributions to the Ness Creek Music Festival



  • Work experience;
  • Being an important part of the magic that is Ness Creek;
  • The opportunity to be part of a community and make new friends;
  • A Festival Wristband granting access to the downtown and designated backstage areas & festival site for the entire weekend;
  • Entry to the Festival Site one day prior to gates opening, in order to participate in Team orientation; includes complimentary supper that evening;
  • Meals each day during the Festival with the purchase of a $20 meal card;
  • A crew T-shirt;
  • Access to the Volunteer Appreciation Party on Sunday;
  • Access to the Shuttle Bus for trips to the lake.



  • Smile and have fun;
  • Do your job to the best of your ability;
  • Participate in orientation events hosted by Ness Creek;
  • Purchase a Ness Creek Society Membership ($20) / Registration;
  • Show up on time for meetings and scheduled shifts ready to work;
  • Contribute a minimum of 16 hours over the course of the weekend (or a minimum of 32 hours pre/post festival) in order to receive the above listed benefits;
  • Arrange to get information another way should you miss a meeting;
  • Wear your crew t-shirt while you are on shift;
  • Adhere to the Ness Creek Music Festival Standards of Conduct (see below);
  • Notify your coordinator as soon as possible if you are unable to attend or carry out your assigned duties;
  • Complete the volunteer survey which will be emailed to you post festival.



  • Fulfill all my volunteer duties and responsibilities;
  • Be a responsible ambassador for the Festival and represent the Festival in a positive way;
  • Treat other volunteers, performers, staff, and the public with respect; if a problem arises, resolution should be deferred to my Coordinator or Volunteer Services;
  • Wear my volunteer t-shirt, supplied, while on duty and refrain from wearing it when not on duty;
  • Understand that if I consume alcohol while off duty, I am expected to drink responsibly;
  • Maintain confidentiality with respect to all Ness Creek Festival information and records;
  • Refrain from using Ness Creek Music Festival property or monies for personal advantage;
  • Understand that all materials obtained in connection with volunteering for the Ness Creek Music Festival remain the property of the Ness Creek Music Festival;
  • Refer questions from the media involving policy or sensitive issues to my Coordinator or Volunteer Services;
  • Understand that the volunteer pass is non-transferable and remain the property of the Ness Creek Music Festival and can be repossessed if:
    • I attempt to bring alcohol into the “downtown” Festival area and/or possess open alcohol where prohibited;
    • I commit illegal, violent, or unsafe acts;
    • I am under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on duty;
    • I violate campground rules and regulations;
    • I fail to contribute the minimum time requirements or fail to fulfill shift commitments.


By accepting a volunteer position you agree to adhere to the preceding terms. Failure will result in the revocation of benefits and potential removal from site. For those of you asked to pay a deposit, your deposit will be returned to you by August 1st, once we’ve had a chance to confirm with your coordinator that you did in fact complete all your shifts.