Our Roots

The Ness Creek Music Festival was built on the legacy of a smaller event called “The Ecological Fair,” held in 1989 and 1990 near the current Festival site.These were small gatherings that  featured ecological workshops and displays, and local musicians on a small evening stage. In 1991 the first Ness Creek Music Festival was held in its current location. What began as a Friday/Saturday Festival with 7 bands and 200 people steadily grew over the years to become the beloved Saskatchewan phenomenon it is today, featuring a variety of events that take place over 4 days–over 30 Main Stage performances, a Workshop stage, Eco-Village, Community Kitchen, Children’s Area, Drum and Dance Circle, Sharing Circle, After Hours venue and 3,000 attendees. The Ness Creek Music Festival is the only one of its kind; fabulous music combined with community, ecology, and the arts, nestled in the forests of rural northern Saskatchewan.





Our boreal forest location is the cornerstone of the Ness Creek experience. Whether it’s the rustle of the wind in the trees or the sight of a hawk circling far overhead, the wilderness permeates every aspect of the Festival. The land is our heartbeat, its rhythm and flow guiding our behaviour, orientation, and direction. We strive to be stewards of the earth, ever mindful of the Festival’s impact upon it, and to be a green and sustainable community.




Ness Creek brings you cutting edge new Saskatchewan, Canadian, and international music, while keeping you grounded with the bedrock of its traditional roots–blues to bluegrass, folk to funk, and nearly everything in between. Music speaks a universal language and is the best way we know to get people to smile at their neighbours, shake what their mama gave them, and feel connected.




Our main artistic focus has traditionally been on music; however, over the years we’ve expanded our role as an arts presenter. Ness Creek is home to a myriad of artistic expressions, including dance, theatre, spoken word, and visual art. We emphasize activities, performances and workshops that focus on community, cultural understanding, ecology and wellness.