Our Organization


The Ness Creek Cultural and Recreational Society is non-profit organization that exists primarily to create an annual Festival celebrating Music, Arts, Community and Ecology in the boreal forest.



We support and encourage Canadian arts; we provide an audience for upcoming Saskatchewan artists by maintaining a minimum 50% ratio of Saskatchewan talent; we support our youth; we promote our Festival, our organization and its goals; we support community development; we support cross-cultural awareness and growth; and we support the Saskatchewan north.

For a more in-depth picture, feel free to contact us at admin@nesscreek.com for minutes from our board meetings or a copy of our Annual Report to get an idea of what we’re up to each year.



It takes a number of dedicated individuals to keep Ness Creek Music Festival in operation year-round. These are those lovely individuals!

Kerri Fischer

Festival Manager - Finance, Funding and Programming

Carlie Letts

Festival Manager - Volunteers, Sponsorship and Year Round Events


Paige UnRuh

Marketing Manager

Kim Bird

Administrative Management

Greta Reis

Ticketing Coordinator

Deborah Aitken

Booking Manager