Our Organization


The Ness Creek Cultural and Recreational Society is non-profit organization that exists primarily to create an annual Festival celebrating Music, Arts, Community and Ecology in the boreal forest.



We support and encourage Canadian arts; we provide an audience for upcoming Saskatchewan artists by maintaining a minimum 50% ratio of Saskatchewan talent; we support our youth; we promote our Festival, our organization and its goals; we support community development; we support cross-cultural awareness and growth; and we support the Saskatchewan north.

For a more in-depth picture, feel free to contact us at admin@nesscreek.com for minutes from our board meetings or a copy of our Annual Reports to get an idea of what we’re up to each year.



If you are interested in helping Ness Creek Music Festival grow and fulfill our mission, how about joining our board at next year's AGM? You can find out more in the Board Package here: BOARD PACKAGE