Ness Creek Waste Audits

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2018 Waste Audit


The waste audit for the 2018 Ness Creek Music Festival was carried our Thursday July 19th to Sunday July 22nd by a crew of hardworking volunteers and two coordinators. Post-festival volunteers then conducted the audit on the days following Ness 2018. Waste consisted of 1/compostables (processed at the Craik Bio-Refinery), 2) recyclable cans and bottles, 3) other recyclables (ie: paper, plastics, non-beverage glass), and 4) landfill waste.

The tables below break down the waste into each category for both 2017 and 2018. Overall numbers were down this year so it could be a combination of less waste as well as people packing out more. In general, our landfill waste has dropped significantly.


Manager Michele Kiss said:

The Ness Creek staff are favourites of ours.  The material we receive from the festival has almost no contaminants at all, and is an excellent addition to our composting program. We look forward to working with them next summer.


2018 Results:

The table below breaks down the waste into each category. 


Previous results:

In total there were 489 bags of various waste accounted for.  Only 104 went to the landfill between Thursday and Sunday (This number does not include the bags of waste that were placed in the dumpsters after 8pm on Sunday July 19, or Monday July 20.).  385 bags of recyclables or compost was diverted from the landfill thanks to the diligent sorting.


Summary 2015 waste audit measured in bags of waste per waste category.