Brooklyne Lyon

2018 Ness Creek Festival Visual Artist


Original Ness Creek 2018 Artwork by Brooklyne LyonBrooklyne has been doing art since she's been able to hold a pencil. She soon developed to have a creative driven mind which inspired her to pursue her career in the field by working towards her degree in visual arts at the University of Regina. Originally from BC, she felt at home at Ness Creek right away and fell in love. Nothing has been able to come in her way of not dancing in forest and listening to magical music since.


Behind The Process


Each year, following the festival, we hold a contest where we call for artwork submissions and select a winner. We then send the winning artwork over to our amazing graphic design team at Odelay! in Saskatoon and they develop our festival creative from the original artwork. We use this festival creative to brand our posters, t-shirts, website background, and many other elements of what you see from Ness for the rest of the year.


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Ness Creek 2018 Posters


Ness Creek Festival 2018 Early Bird Poster

Ness Creek Festival 2018 Teaser Lineup Poster