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Alex Cuba


Alex Cuba is a Latin Grammy/Juno winner, singer-songwriter who is not tied to tradition; Alex has a vast musical vision. His sugarcane-sweet melodies, pop-soul hooks and powerful guitar riffs, relinquish a conventional stereotype that exemplifies much of the Latin music landscape.

Alex has recorded two Juno winning albums, “Humo De Tobaco” (2006) and “Agua Del Pozo” (2007).

Anna Haverstock


Anna Haverstock and her stellar band perform upbeat, alternative rock songs that are sure to get you dancing! Formerly in the Saskatoon, SK band Six Moons Later, Anna has taken a new direction recruiting some of Saskatoon's best musicians to complete the group. Their tunes have been described as “radio-ready” and “laid back Broadway bustle that mashes politely into prairie pop sensibilities”.

Black Vienna


Black Vienna is a four-piece touring rock band writing and performing ’premium-malt’ rock and roll. Based in Saskatoon SK, the band features Anthony Thoen on lead vocals + guitar, Trent Stuckel on lead guitar+ vocals + bass, Cam Eddolls on lead guitar + bass, and Jan Kwiatkowski on drums + vocals. The band has grown a strong following with their eager rock and roll conduct, engaging live performances, and classic 70’s inspired sound.



Bombargo is a moving and grooving goodtime'n toboggan that's been leaving bars, venues, and dance floors soaked and stoked for nearly 2 years. Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Bombargo brings a sincere and powerful performance through their rock & roll, funk, soul sound. With front man Nathan Thoen's passionate conviction and positive message, Bombargo gives everything they have on stage and strive to leave their crowds feeling both a little lighter and brighter.

Cécile Doo Kingué


Award-winning guitarist-singer-songwriter Cécile Doo-Kingué  is quickly earning a stellar reputation and a place alongside Canada’s current roster of great guitarists.  Powerful and raw with an exceptional stage presence, the NYC-born Montrealer is a force of nature whose lyrics and sound make for an enthralling and intimate experience. She has released four albums to critical acclaim and received several Maple Blues Awards nominations.



Còig (Ko-ig) is an electrifying line-up of East Coast musicians. Originally formed as a promotional band for the Celtic Colours International Festival, these award winning performers decided to continue to play as the Còig ensemble whenever possible! Busy solo schedules make Còig appearances quite rare, so don't let your chance to see them pass you by!

C.R. Avery


C.R. Avery is a one man hip hop beatbox blues harmonica americana iconoclast. A musicians' musician, C.R. Avery is a unique and electrifying performer. He simultaneously beatboxes, sings, plays harmonica and a Herbie Hancock 80s style red rocket keytar. Having drawn from a well of influences, C.R. is to hip-hop what Jimmy Reed was to Chicago blues; a one man traveling troubadour - but he is one for these modern times.

Crooked Creek


Rocky Lakner and Donny Millikin, the son of Jack Millikin "The Grandfather of Ness Creek", are two of the Crooked Creek scribes, best buddies and song writing masters, with an on and off stage chemistry that is uncontainable, comical, clever and entertaining. Joined by long-time friend Kelly Reid and with nearly forty years of musical glory, this local favourite and Ness Creek house band will be sure to get you on your feet and steal your heart away.

Denise Valle


Denise Valle is a soulful songstress from Saskatoon SK. She has an uncanny gift for finding the undiscovered hooks in her own fiery fusion of R&B, Soul, and Pop music. Her love for performing from a young age has given her an electric command of the stage, but she’s determined to bring the whole audience along for the ride–making even the biggest moments feel intimate.



This is a band who revitalize their punk roots with bright, angular melodies and deft rhythmic breakdowns. Despistado released their first EP, The Emergency Response, in 2002 and the band's single "A Stirstick's Prediction" was widely hyped as a "next big thing". After more music, break-ups, reunion tours, and a documentary, the band has started writing and recording new music with a new album on the way!

Elliott Brood


Formed in 2002, Elliott Brood united teenage pals Sasso and Laforet over their grown-up love for Neil Young, The Band and the Flying Burrito Brothers. Pitkin was an accidental miracle: he fell into the group after working sound at one of their earliest concerts. Tin Type was a college radio hit and soon this compact trio was making some big noise. Across five subsequent albums, sharing vocals and trading instruments – each band-member seems to play everything – Elliott Brood have become one of the premier acts in Canadian roots music.



Even though they may dress like clowns, Entangados might be one of Argentina’s most unique, exciting bands. Combining ska, rock, cumbia, salsa and Balkan folk music, Entangados emanate fun and joy from the stage with the power of 100 suns. With guitars, horns and accordions, the band builds a wall of sound that act as powerful catalysts to the biggest dance parties. In the midst of all this music, the group employs actors to help create a carnival atmosphere that will captivate and excite audience members of all ages.

Étienne Fletcher


Etienne fletcher brings together his French and English roots in his new self titled project. Accompanied by his guitarist Sean MCcannell and collaborating with a variety of guest musicians, he creates a high energy show with genres ranging from rock, blues, folks, pop and dance music. The project strives for each show to bring variety, connection and memorable experiences.

Fancy Diamonds


Forged in the heat of stage lights and the pressure of live gigs, Fancy Diamonds’ multi-faceted approach includes elements of surf and garage rock, smooth and sexy saxophone, catchy keyboard hooks and sofa love lyrics. Fancy Diamonds shine bright with their emphasis on dance-able tunes and rockin’ good times; this tuxedo-clad, bearded quartet is tighter than a cummerbund left too long in the dryer. Why settle for the same old rock when you can have Fancy Diamonds?

The Garrys


The Garrys are a trio of sisters who play chilled out, surf garage pop.


If The Black Lips went on a date with The Shangri-Las, they would eat ice cream sandwiches and dance to the Garrys. Like father, like daughter(s).

Gillian and Ray


Once there was a boy named Ray Elliott from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta right near the great divide. The mountains would speak and he would write and this was how it was to be. The boy grew to man and found he would have to leave the mountains. To the prairies he would go and this was how it was to be. He would find his home near the North Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon. There he found others, they would play the music of the prairies, but the man always carried the mountains with him too.

The Goats


Inspired by a cross spectrum of genres and songs, this quartet from Prince Albert have come up with a contagious sound that will leave you wanting more. Eclectic guitar, fiddle, and upright bass with a taste of mandolin, banjo, and harmonica plays so well with the vocals of Josh, Wade and Teegan. The Goats put a modern/contemporary feel to the folk, roots and jazz genres, while staying true to their Saskatchewan pedigree.

In With The Old


Northern Saskatchewan's In With the Old seamlessly combine raw talent and prairie camaraderie with a passion and respect for the music from the past. Young and dedicated, they take a unique approach to memorable old-tyme music through gifted harmonies and infectious songwriting all told through a small town perspective.

Joey Only


Joey Only has played 1000 shows in 10 provinces and some territories in Canada, and is destined to be a Canadiana Country classic.  He’s a social outlaw and a political radical, a mountain man, a goldminer, a father and a Canadiana folk music hero.  Mostly he just wants to kick ass when showtime arrives using his unique cross-over of Waylon style outlaw-country pickin and down home Stompin Tom attitude towards all things Canadiana.

Kids On Coffee


Kids On Coffee is a heavy hitting, blues infused, and highly caffeinated power duo from Saskatoon, SK. Sam Folkersen and Jesse McMillan met while attending the same high school and played together for the first time in 2014. What started as a high school battle of the bands project soon turned in to regular jam sessions and "Kids on Coffee" was born.

Keiran Semple


Regina native Keiran Semple is back home after a few years and a few thousand kilometers’ worth of love, loss, and everything in between. Picking up right where he left off in his hometown scene, he’s gathered some of the Queen City’s finest musicians to help weave his thoughtfully disorientating lyrics into tuneful and memorable melodies set against a lush rhythmic backdrop. His captivating live show organically combines rock, roots, blues, and folk into an exciting new alt-rock sound.



My name is Lillanohna and I am from Saskatoon, SK.  I am an activist for equality and activism itself.  I have been singing and playing guitar for several years alongside folk singer and mother Violet Naytowhow who is very active in traditional teaching in the indigenous and social work community.  I like to tell stories about the real world through my songs and have a voice for Metis and First Nations people.  My tool is my guitar and my message is freedom. Nanaskamon, give thanks to the creator.

The Madtrappers


Fronted by Grunthal, Manitoba's Richard Inman, the Madtrappers play a mix of Texas-style folk, classic country and rock & roll. Featuring songs written by Inman, Micah Erenberg and classic artists such as Waylon Jennings and Fred Eaglesmith, these small town, Manitoba boys will bring you the vibes of late night song circles and dive bar jams.

Mo' Love


Mo' Love Is a tribute to all that is Soul, RnB and Motown. A 12 piece band featuring Saskatoon's hottest and hippest on the brass, the strings, Ivories and sweet sweet vocals; Mo’ Love is a locally sourced tribute to the sounds of Berry Gordy’s Hitsville USA, featuring Saskatoon and Regina musicians from bands like The Dead South, We Were Lovers, The Rebellion, Six Moons Later, and more.

Royal Canoe


Almost three years have passed since the release of Royal Canoe’s sophomore album Today We Are Believers (2013). Those years were full. The band played 200 shows, which included tours with the likes of Alt J and Bombay Bicycle Club, and stops at major festivals like Bonaroo, Iceland Airwaves, and Osheaga.  The hard work paid off: Today We Are Believers received critical acclaim, was nominated for Alternative Album of the Year at the Junos, and won Best Independent Album at Western Canadian Music Awards.

Soft Cotton


What was once a whimsical solo endeavour turned collective, is now a solid family of musicians. Within the last two years the band has manifested into an eclectic group of musicians that leaves the listener wanting more. With backgrounds in progressive metal, pop-punk, classical, and indie-folk, the group has come together to form an indie-rock roller coaster aiming to move a crowd.

Sylvie Walker


Sylvie Walker is a French Canadian, award winning singer songwriter based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Her simple and melancholic songs will free your mind and help you find the beauty that lies within sadness. Inspired by ''real life'' thoughts and feelings, Sylvie explores through music and words the vast spectrum of emotions, humanity and life.

Too Soon Monsoon


Forming during the final days of summer 2016, the duo connected after Greg Torwalt (keys and vocals) posted a “bandmate wanted” ad online to which Nathan Henry (drums) was quick to respond. Too Soon Monsoon spreads a message of positivity with energetic and dynamic performances, fusing together elements of rock, pop, blues and R&B to create a fresh sound. This Saskatoon based band is building steady momentum toward the release of their debut EP, recorded with producer and One Bad Son bassist, Adam Grant.

We Were Lovers


We Were Lovers' dancey beats, swirling atmospheric guitars, and dynamic synths convey a wide array of moods and themes, as strong female vocals wrap stories of love and loss around catchy melodies. This duo is mastering a pop balance infusing electro, dreamy, rock and disco elements, with a consistent 80s vibe layered within. Their high energy live show and undeniable connection radiates from the stage. WWL is getting ready and super excited to record and release new music for your listening and dancing pleasure this year so stay close.

Wyndham Thiessen with Ellen Froese


Wyndham Thiessen's wry wit and considerable abilities as a multi-instrumentalist have been drawing fans to his music for twenty-seven years and three months.  Thiessen began performing across Canada in the early nineties as "Bone Man Slim," singing his darkly humorous songs and accompanying himself on guitar, banjo, harmonica, and lap steel.  And cello.  These days, he can often be found playing cello or dobro at bluegrass jams.