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Is it a family friendly festival?

Absolutely! The festival offers many activities for all ages and interests, including a children’s area, family-friendly performances, a parade, and much, much more!

Minors 18 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult; maximum four minors per adult. Children 12 and under are FREE.

Is there danger of bears?

This is a wilderness festival site and bears are part of the ecosystem. Dangers of an aggressive encounter are very low. The danger is higher for the bears, who have needed to be shot in the past. This was their home before it was our festival site, so help protect the bears and yourself by keeping all food items in your car and being conscious of your impact on the ecosystem: If you pack it in, pack it out and be bear aware. For more tips, please see our Camping Guide.

Where can I buy ice / sunscreen / toothpaste / earplugs etc.?

Odds and ends can be purchased at our Ness Essentials Merchandise Booth, Nesslin Lake Campground or in the town of Big River, 12 km from the festival site. To see what the town has to offer, visit www.bigriver.ca

Where can I get food?

There are a number of delicious and nutritious food kiosks on the site that sell both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, as well as a community kitchen that makes use of a clay oven and creates healthy meals in the vein of a 4-day potluck where people share in food and labour. Some years we are fortunate to have a small local farmer’s market, located next to the community kitchen. They sell farm fresh eggs, jams, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other fresh produce when available.

How do I volunteer / become a vendor / apply to be a performer?

Click on Get Involved in the top menu bar for more info.




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Does the event sell out?

Yes. To avoid disappointment, it’s a good idea to get your tickets early.

Can I buy a ticket for one day only?

Absolutely. Single Day tickets are available day of at the gate. 2018 prices as follows:
Thurs: TBA
Fri: TBA
Sat: TBA
Sun: TBA

Do I have to buy a ticket for my child?

Children 12 and under get in for free. Those 13 and older must pay regular ticket price.

Can I pay for my ticket at the gate with debit or credit?

Tickets at the gate are cash only. Advance tickets may be purchased online with a credit card.

How do I redeem my online ticket?

Present printout or confirmation number at the gate with photo ID.

I purchased online but now can’t go. Can I give my tickets to a friend?

Yes, just ensure they they bring your name and confirmation number to the gate.




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Is camping included with the cost of the ticket?

Yes camping is included with the purchase of a Weekend Pass. Located in the beautiful boreal forest, rustic campsites are located throughout the festival site. Please note Single Day Passes do NOT include camping or overnight stays.

IMPORTANT: Over 20' Camper Units require a separate camper pass which can be purchased on our Buy Tickets page.

What are the camping facilities?

Outhouses and water are available in the camping fields, there are also flush toilets in the Second Field and Downtown. ‘Enviro stations’ are located in the First, Second and Third Fields where you can bring your recyclables, garbage and compostables. There is no electricity available.

Which field should I camp in?

There are 3 camping areas. Quiet camping is in the third field (and in the loop leading to the third field) and will be enforced after 11pm. Late night partiers please camp in the first field. As sound carries throughout the site, it is advisable to bring earplugs to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Please respect quiet camping zones. RV’s, while allowed, may be restricted to the 1st Field depending on size and weather conditions. No hookups are available. Running generators is discouraged, because of noise bleed and disturbance to neighboring tenters.

Is there running water?

No, but there are large water tanks in every field. Bring your own containers. Don’t leave the water running, as there is a limited supply. There are no showers available.

It’s important to preserve our natural resources; ie, water. The water for the tanks has to be hauled from Big River, so if you can be self-reliant and bring your own water supply you’ll help decrease the amount of trips we make to fill up the tanks. It goes a long way to helping keep the festival green and environmentally friendly. Make sure to think about what you’re packing in, as you will need to pack it out.

Can I bring my RV?

Sure, but remember that this is wilderness camping and there are no hookups and you will need to purchase an Over 20' Camper Pass in order to be allowed on the festival site. Running generators is discouraged, because of noise bleed and disturbance to neighboring tenters. Don’t discharge grey water or sewage.

Limited quanties of the Over 20' Camper Pass will be available to purchase online.

Can I camp next to my car?

You can. Please keep your car parked for the duration of the festival. If you wish to come and go with your vehicle, please park in the first field. Shuttles are available to Big River and Nesslin Lake.

Are there other places to stay in the area?

Yes. Check out our Explore page to find out about nearby campground, hotels, and B&Bs in the area.

What’s the weather like in SK in July?

It’s typically quite hot, but cold showers and storms are always a possibility. Nights can be cold. Bring your sunscreen, hats, blankets, and don’t forget the bug spray! Check the forecast for Big River here.

When can I arrive?

The festival gates are open from noon on Thursday until 4pm Sunday. The gates will close at midnight each night and there is no driving on site after sunset.

Can I reserve a camping spot?

No. Campsites are first come, first served.

The Over 20' Camper Pass are an exception to this rule however, as there will be a limited number of over 20' camper units allowed in each field. You will be able to choose your field quantities allowing.

Is alcohol allowed on the site?

Alcohol consumption is limited to the licenced downtown area and your private campsite area. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ALLOWED ON SITE. Bag checks will be conducted at random by our security when entering the downtown area and picture ID is required to purchase from the beer gardens.

Where is smoking permitted?

Smoking is permitted only in designated areas or your campsite, provided you have a proper container to extinguish your cigarette. (Butt packs may be purchased at our NessEssentials Merchandise Booth.) Smoking is not allowed in the children’s area, the food court, the community kitchen, the community sharing circle, and the workshop stage area.

Are campfires allowed?

Campfires are allowed in designated pits only. No fires allowed if there is a fire ban. Please check at the info booth as to whether or not there is a fire ban in place. Do not leave your campfire unattended. Please see our Camping Guide for more on fire safety. (2014)

Is there firewood available?

Firewood is available for purchase from Dean Christianson’s Farm (on the way to Big River) or Nesslin Lake. Alternatively, dead branches and kindling from the forest may be used.

Can I bring my pet?

NO PETS ARE ALLOWED for the safety of both humans and animals. There are a couple of kennels in the Big River area. Call ahead to reserve a spot for your pet.

Can I bring fireworks?

NO. FIREWORKS ARE NOT ALLOWED. They are a fire hazard and extremely dangerous given the close nature of the festival camping community. Individuals found using fireworks will be expelled from the festival without refund.




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Where can I bring my garbage?

We encourage everyone to practice “pack it in, pack it out.” Come prepared. We’re in a remote area and garbage not only attracts wildlife, but creates a hazard. We have three ‘eco-centres’ where you can deposit your recyclable tetra paks, aluminum cans, and plastic beverage containers as well as your compostable items.

How can I reduce my environmental impact/footprint?

Be a steward of Ness Creek! Don’t be a litterbug, keep your campsite clean during the festival and leave it just as you found it when you go. Please reduce waste by leaving unnecessary packaging at home. And bring your own reusable mug for beverages. We are a bottled water free festival, so please bring a resunable water bottle. Please also bring your own water supply and containers to help keep yourself hydrated. Keep your cigarette butts in a container and please do not litter them about. Cigarette butts are not only a pain to clean up, they can also be a fire hazard in dry conditions.




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How do I get there?

Please see our Directions and Maps.

Is there a carpool?

A Ride-Share Program is something we would like to help facilitate. We encourage people to post open seats or request a ride there on our Facebook page. Help minimize fuel consumption while maximizing new-friend-potential!

Where can I park my car?

You can park your car in the field you are camping in, with limit of one car per campsite. We do ask that your car remain for the weekend due to the high density population of our Festival Site and instead use our Safe Ride Program to minimize the traffic on local roads over the Festival weekend. If you plan on coming and going in your own car, please leave your vehicle in day parking in the first field near the front gate. No parking on roadways or in emergency Exits; these are Tow Away Zones and you will be towed!

Is there public transport to Nesslin Lake / Big River?

Yes! Our Safe Ride Program provides a FREE shuttle service to Big River and Nesslin Lake during the day and after the nightly Main Stage performances. Daytime rides leave from the first field near the front gate; schedules are posted at the information booth. Nightly Safe Rides depart from the info booth at 12:30am, 1:30am, 2:30am, and 3:30am. (There is a $1 access fee to visit Nesslin Lake. Don’t forget to bring a loonie.)

Will I be able to leave and return to the festival grounds?

Once you have received your wristband, you can come and go as you please. We ask that you make use of the shuttle service to reduce congestion on the road. Driving on the Festival Site after dark is prohibited. Festival gates close at midnight.

Is there parking at Nesslin Lake?

Beautiful, sunny, and sandy Nesslin lake is a pretty, 15 minute drive from the Ness Creek Festival Site. Parking costs $5 / car / day. Alternately, entry is $1 per person.The shuttle is an easy, free, and safe alternative.




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What time do the bands start / end?

The mainstage entertainment starts Thursday at 7:30pm and ends Saturday night. Main Stage entertainment ends at 2am each night and is followed by After Hours programming at the Workshop Stage which winds up at 3:30am.

How long are their sets?

Set length varies but is typically around an hour.

What is the festival seating situation?

Bring your blankets and lawn chairs to our open grassy seating area. Standing and sitting room is available. A sandy dance pit graces the front of the Main Stage for folks who want to kick up their heels.

What else is there to do at Ness?

Ness Creek Festival is unique in its number of activities to participate in outside of music. The only true way to find out about them is to experience them. Our Entertainment includes the Main stage, Workshop Stage, Sharing Circle, Community Kitchen, Children’s Area & Playground, Ness Generation Stage, After Hours, Drum & Dance Circle, The Village, Forest Garden, Artisan Market, Beer Gardens, Food Kiosks, NessEssentials Merchandise, beautiful hiking trails & more.

What are the hours of the Beer Gardens?

Thurs-Sat 2pm – 2am,* Sun 12pm – 4pm.
*Last ticket sold by 1am, last beer sold by 1:30am, drink up by 2am.




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What are the requirements?

All volunteers must be current members of the Ness Creek Cultural & Recreational Society. The $20 annual membership fee ($10 for 18 and under) can be paid via paypal, by cheque mailed to the Ness Creek office or renewed in-person at the Pre-Creek Party. First time volunteers will be charged a deposit in advance and will be reimbursed after they have fulfilled their commitment. This fee will be waived if they can provide an adequate recommendation. Volunteers must also make themselves available to attend an on-site orientation Wednesday evening pre-festival. Volunteers must act responsibly and with the interests of the Society when fulfilling their volunteer requirements. Volunteers must be visible, wearing their volunteer shirts while working.

How many hours are required of volunteers?

A minimum of 16 volunteer hours, (or 32 pre/post festival), is required to qualify for free admittance to the Festival. Reduced youth hourly commitments vary with age.

Are there any volunteer benefits?

Volunteers receive a festival weekend pass, early camping access, meals, a t-shirt and a volunteer party on Sunday evening.

What jobs are volunteers needed for?

Please see our volunteer crew list.

Will I be trained?

Volunteer Orientation takes place on Wednesday night before the festival. Volunteers are given safety information, a tour of the site and crew specific training by the volunteer coordinator and their crew coordinator. Attending Orientation is mandatory for all volunteers unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Can I volunteer throughout the year?

Yes, the Ness Creek Cultural & Recreational Society hosts events year-round and we are always looking for volunteers. If you’re interested in being involved at other time besides the festival please join our facebook page or email volunteer@nesscreek.com for more information.




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We try to accommodate all accessibility requirements wherever possible, so if you have a question, suggestion, or request, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at admin@nesscreek.com.


If your question is not answered here, please email admin@nesscreek.com and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can!