Directions and Maps

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Driving Instructions

Download a PDF of the Driving Instructions: Print Res Colour (MB), Web Res Colour (MB), Print Res Black & White (MB), Web Res Black & White (MB)


Take Highway 12 to Blaine Lake. Highway 12 ends at a stop sign here; the intersection has two gas stations.
Turn right onto Highway 40.


Continue on Highway 40 for 55 km until you come to Highway 3 (a T-intersection). Turn right and head towards Shellbrook. At the edge of Shellbrook, turn left at the Co-op gas station, onto Highway 55. You are now headed North

Approximately 5 km North of Shellbrook, turn left to remain on Highway 55. This is the turn most-often missed, so watch for it carefully! You are now going North-West. Travel along Highway 55 for 73 km.


Option A: Just before Big River you will see the Carrier Forest Product Saw Mill on the left. You need to turn right onto Revo Road 922 (marked, provincial road sign) BEFORE you pass the saw mill. Approximately 20 km along Revo Road 922, turn right at the Nesslin Lake sign and follow signs for Ness Creek.


Option B: Continue to Big River and take the Range Road 3075 out of town. Continue straight for 9 km and connect with Revo Road 922. Approximately 5 km along Revo Road 922, turn right at the Nesslin Lake sign and follow signs for Ness Creek.




Finding the festival site for the first time can be an adventure. Make sure you stock up with lots of friends, tunes, road snacks, and travel during the day to make sure you don’t miss any signs. Soon, as you leave the city behind and travel under sunny prairie skies to the magical cocoon of the Boreal Forest, you’ll think of the trip up to Ness as the best kind of weekend road trip and the beginning of your amazing festival experience...but for now, just remember to keep our maps and directions close at hand.


Or...if you prefer a little technological assistance during your adventures, look up “Ness Creek Site” on Google Maps. Keep in mind, though, that you’re likely to lose signal as you get closer to the site.



Download a PDF of the Festival Grounds Site Maps: Print Res Colour (7.6 MB), Web Res Colour (251 KB), Print Res Black & White (3.1 MB), Web Res Black & White (435 KB)


Ness Creek Festival Grounds Full Site Map



Ness Creek Festival Grounds Downtown Site Map




Things to Remember

  • NO outside alcohol downtown
  • Bag searches will be conducted at each entrance to downtown
  • Must be 19+ and be wearing your 19+ wristband to consume alcohol downtown
  • NO smoking in the Food Court, Children’s Area, Community Kitchen, Drum & Dance Circle, Playground, Workshop Stage, Community Sharing Circle, or dancing area in front of the Main Stage
  • MIND YOUR BUTTS! Cigarette butts are a fire hazard. Dispose of them in an airtight container.
  • Keep hydrated at our Thirst Aid Stations
  • Children must be accompanied by a caregiver at the Playground and Children’s Area
  • Third Field is for quieter camping; please keep it down after 11pm
  • NO canned music
  • NO pets
  • NO fireworks
  • NO drones
  • NO glow sticks
  • NO glass containers
  • NO driving after dark
  • NO violence
  • NO drumming outside of the Drum & Dance Circle between midnight and noon


Unplug! There will be limited to no cell phone service or wifi on site.


Play safe and have fun!


Help Create a Happy Ness experience for everyone!