Carpool to the Creek

You may or may not know that our core values at Ness Creek circle around Music, Art and Environment. We’re always looking for ways to be the most environmentally conscious festival we can. This year, we’re introducing a new initiative to further reduce our carbon footprint. 


With Carpool to the Creek - we’re encouraging festival-goers to do their best to come up to the site in groups and reduce the amount of cars we have coming up. It’s not only better for the environment and the site, but there is an incentive for you! If you’ve got a minimum of 3 people in your vehicle on the way up, you could win your group festival passes for 2020!


Wanna participate? Here’s everything you need to know.

  • Minimum 3 people in your vehicle
  • Identify your car as part of the carpool! We’re encouraging everybody to decorate their cars to really make the carpoolers stand out! ‘CARPOOL TO THE CREEK’ must be incorporated in decorating. 
    • Minimum requirement: 8.5 x 11 sign that reads CARPOOL TO THE CREEK visible in vehicle (ie taped up on a window). 
  • Must have 1 post on social media using #NessCreekCarpool. This must be posted prior to arrival on site. Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (must be public post) apply. 
    1. Photo of vehicle with decorations / signage 
    2. Photo of your group in the vehicle on the way to the site. Try and tag everyone if possible! 
  • A winning group will randomly be selected and announced / posted publicly at the Festival on Saturday.
  • Only one vehicle (and its occupants) will be selected as the winners and each person will receive a 2020 Ness Creek Music Festival pass.


We all know the trip up to the site is part of the fun, let’s make it more beautiful for everyone and Mother Nature at the same time. Plus who doesn’t want a chance to win their pass for next year?