Camping Info

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There’s nothing better than drifting off to sleep in a cozy tent under the Northern Saskatchewan stars or sitting around a campfire, enjoying the sound of music drifting through the forest. Over the festival’s four days, 3,000 people of different ages, cultures, lifestyles, and parts of the country build a tent-city community that’s one of the most beloved elements of the Ness experience. Please do your part to keep the spirit and magic of our Festival strong by being mindful of your neighbours and treading lightly on the earth. Make friends, learn new recipes or the chords to a song, have wild and inspiring conversations, and make a temporary home out of this beautiful boreal forest!




Festival gates open at noon on Thursday - No early admittance to campers. Gates close nightly at 10pm, so please arrive earlier. Driving on the Festival site after dark is prohibited.


After dark arrivals – If you arrive after dark, you’ll need to park your car in day parking near the front gate and either walk in to the festival site with your gear, or sleep in your car and drive in the next morning.


Leave your furry friends at home - Sorry, there are no pets of any kind allowed at the festival.


Be bear aware -  Bears are a reality at Ness Creek, and it was their home before it was our festival site. Follow bear safety rules for your own safety, and for the health and safety of the bears. Bears that become too accustom to humans and learn to forage in the trash have to be destroyed, which is heartbreaking and we do NOT want this! For more information on how to be Bear Safe, check out this 


RVs and campers - If you came to Ness 2015 (aka WetNess), you probably saw a few camper vans and RV's get stuck. After the 2015 jams and the damage caused by too many large camper units we will be offering limited access to camper units over 20' in length from now on. To be able to bring one in, you will need to purchase a separate Camper Unit Pass. Limited passes are available online for $50. Purchase your pass HERE. This ticket must be used in conjunction with a weekend pass and the holder of the pass must be on the Ness Creek site by 9pm on Friday, July 14th, 2017 or else they forgo their reserved spot and will not be able to bring their over 20' camper unit on site. If you have any questions about this new policy, feel free to send us an email at


Park it! Plan to park your car for the weekend. Driving is not permitted in the camping fields, and there is limited day parking available in the first field. We encourage you to take advantage of our daytime shuttle service and nightly safe ride program.


Stay off the road - Keep all roadways and emergency exits clear at all times. These are tow away zones; watch for signs.


NO glass allowed - It is inevitable that glass will break and someone in bare feet will step on it. Leave it at home, and bring cans, tetra packs, and boxed beverages instead.


No glow sticks allowed - we are all ambassadors of our environment and glow sticks create so much garbage!


Quiet(er) Camping - This is a music festival, and you certainly didn’t come to catch up on beauty sleep! But if you prefer a mellower campsite, head to 3rd Field Quiet(er) Camping. Noise levels in this field are restricted after 11 pm nightly.


Can it! This is a live music festival, so leave your canned music at home. We encourage acoustic jamming in the camp-fields, but please be respectful of your neighbours. Amplified instruments and radios interfere with the festival.


Fires in provided fire pits only – Fires are only allowed in Ness Creek appointed fire pits for the safety of everyone at the festival. All fires must have 2 litres of emergency water nearby. Forest fires are a real concern; please be aware.


Be prepared for the elements - Ness Creek is a rain or shine event. Make sure your campsite is secure so you can enjoy!


Water Access - Water is supplied in large tanks in 2nd and 3rd fields. Bring your own jug to fill up. Remember that supply is limited so please be conscious of your consumption, and do not leave the tap running.


Secure your grub! Keep your campsite clear of bear attractants for the safety of campers and wildlife alike. Food, toiletries etc must be stored in your car or hard-topped trailer.


Pack it in, pack it out - Help us minimize our environmental footprint, and preserve our boreal  forest home. If you brought it with you, take it when you go! This includes gum wrappers, rope, bottle caps, and cigarette butts.


24 hour first aid - Assistance is available from the first aid tent near the info booth. See the map for directions


Please drink responsibly - Ness Creek is a public venue; therefore, liquor may only be consumed in your campsite or the licensed downtown area. Random bag searches may be conducted. The RCMP is on hand and will issue fines starting at $500.


Mind your butts! Cigarette butts are a fire hazard; please dispose of properly in an airtight container (such as a film canister). Ask our campground hosts for a butt-pack if you didn’t come prepared. Please be mindful of no smoking signage in certain areas.


Zero tolerance of fireworks - Fireworks are a severe wild fire hazard, and danger to other campers. Anyone found in possession of fireworks will be immediately removed from the festival. Rewards for tips and leads about fireworks.


Zero tolerance of violence - Anyone acting, or threatening to act with violence will be immediately removed from Ness.


RespectfulNess - We ask you to do your part and help preserve the magic of our small festival by being mindful of those around you, and to interact respectfully with one another and the boreal forest we call home.




We’re proud to have made the decision to refrain from using glow sticks and glitter at the Ness Creek site. Glow sticks and glitter both have a negative effect on our environment and we all have to work together to keep Ness Creek beautiful, healthy and natural for all future generations to enjoy! 

EcoFriendly SK

A big thanks goes out to EcoFriendly SK for providing us with funding for the initiative with glow sticks this year. We’ll be providing free glow in the dark face paint over at The House That Jack Built during the festival to give you some goodies for unleashing your bright creativity. Take a peek at the Glitterlution website for more thoughts about the ecological impact of glitter and some fun workarounds that Mother Earth would be proud of.




 And before you go, come back and check out the Ness Packing List!