Please contact volunteer@nesscreek.com if interested in any of the following positions.



These managers would be responsible for overseeing the volunteers working at their respective Eco-Centre. This involves assisting with their training, meeting them at the start of every shift and trouble shooting any no-shows or issues that arise during their shifts. We have three positions available.


This crew is responsible for greeting and banding ticket holders as they arrive on site. The coordinator is responsible for managing their team of volunteers, assessing traffic congestion issues, conducting vehicle searches and confiscations as necessary and directing the traffic crew as needed.

BIG NEWS - Jae's back at the Front Gate! If you're interested in being a part of this crew, but you're nervous to jump in with both feet, this is the year to do it! Jae has agreed to take on a mentoring role and is excited to show you the ropes!


We need two coordinators for this position who are familiar with the 2nd field. This crew maps out the camping area in preparation for parking, tents and large camper units. They then welcome campers as they arrive at the festival, assisting them items as they come up throughout the weekend. The Host Station operates as a 'mini-info' booth in the 2nd field, providing assistance, information and communication services as needed to the guests in the field.


This crew promotes environmental awareness and ensures the festival site remains clean. These coordinators are responsible for managing their crew of volunteers as well as monitoring the eco-centres, recycling, compost and garbage facilities through the entire site. The Coordinator(s) are responsible for training their volunteers and ensuring that they have access to necessary supplies and safety equipment and ensuring Occupational Health and Safety Standards are met. This crew does waste picks ups throughout the festival, counting as they pick up, sorting what’s necessary, delivering the waste to the appropriate location once sorted and tallied. Tally sheets are to be turned in to the GREENess Coordinator at the end of the Festival.